Monday, August 5, 2013

Mo Willems Does It Again!

I have been in the dark with just about everything lately since my plate is piled way high with P L E N T Y to do. So no surprises that I had no idea Mo Willems had released a new app until I was offered a review copy to check it out. Despite my stingy 8G of "space" (quotes because there's never any!) on my iPhone, I happily sacrificed a few audiobook tracks and twice as many of the kids' apps to cram this monster on there (905 MB!! According to my iTunes list).

I'm such a fan of Mo and what he thinks is funny.

There are lots of things to do in this app, all of which are peppered with Mo's great and always clever sense of humor, but I will keep this post short and sweet- relatively.
Dream Drive: Don't get me started on the mad cow!!

Dream Drive! This one had my heart racing because I'm so not a gamer and being timed to do a virtual task makes me unnecessarily all kinds of anxious. All of a sudden, my brain stops working and I panic as if my phone will implode when I run out of time, because, yes, I know it's definitely coming. I think I provided the kids with some real entertainment by letting them watch me play this one, drawing out the bus route for Pigeon to drive around obstacles to pick up all the ducklings. Side note: I loved how I started on level 27 then jumped to level 349 once level 27 was complete. 

Because I can tie just about anything to homeschooling/learning/things that are good for the mind, I have to give a small but mighty mention of the drawing activity where Mo gives you a part of a picture and it's up to you to fill it in as you like. There's so much potential for creativity and open-ended free-thinking there which naturally endears this activity to me.

My friends and I are notoriously and comically cheap when it comes to buying apps but this one would've been worth the purchase to me. A copy of it for your iPhone or iPad will run you $3.99 in the app store and here's the link for more information. They also make it for Nook ($2.99), but I only read books on that so....

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