Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Best Book in the World....well, for today:^)

In my search through the plethora of Homeschooling Materials, I just found Learn At Home Grade 1 from American Education Publishing about a month ago and I LOVE it!! It not only takes the guesswork out of what I should be doing for my 5yo at this age, but it provides total weekly lesson plans, then elaborates with more ideas for fun learning exercises and opportunities with my 5yo.

I initially checked it out from the libary but quickly returned it and ordered it from Amazon. We got started the day it came in. I shared it with a friend just yesterday and her reaction was the same. Now she's on a hunt to get it- and fast! I recommended Learn At Home Grade K for her, by the way, but she'll probably get both.

If you have it or have thought about using it, tell me what you think about it and if you don't already, let me know if you end up using it. Please comment, follow and refer!!