Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our Hidden Figures Journey, Part 2

*** Part 1 does not exist yet but I found some great resources that I have to share***

Loving the double entendre in the title lol (astronauts snacking on some poor, unlucky students hahaha), this article gives a description of HUNCH:

NASA Culinary Contest- HUNCH- High school students are charged with researching and developing new foods for astronauts. This year's theme is "desserts". This is their website:

Here are some cool links to teach your kids at home about (space) food science (I always advise to preview links before presenting them to your children): 

Bon appetit!๐Ÿ˜

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Greedy Parent

I'm a greedy, greedy parent. I've been a lot sad these days over the time passing and my kids growing up so quickly. I look back every day and night to see what I could've done better, how we could've spent MORE quality time together, and there's so much I want to do with them that I'm afraid they'll outgrow before we get to it.

 I'm with them all day every day, rearranging my days, nights, and commitments so that when they're awake, I'm all or mostly theirs. And I still want more time with them. And I know It will never be enough.

I wonder if they will figure out that when I stop and stare at them sometimes, I'm still seeing my sweet little roly-poly babies and marveling at how I had no idea then of what they'd become, how they'd grow, what brilliant and insightful ideas and words they'd one day speak. Being a mom is so bitter-sweet.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome Back to Homeschool! Gifts & Goodies

We are finally back in the swing of things with homeschooling and loving it! We're going on our 4th week and I'm finding this experience is as rewarding as ever, as the kids are now at the age where I'm seeing all our efforts spent teaching them really, really come back around. Things just seemed to have clicked for them over the summer that they weren't quite ready for at the close of last year. I really believe some kids just aren't ready on anyone's schedule but their own, but once they get it, look out!

In the spirit of moving forward, I was inspired to do something different and nice for my Lovelies this year to mark the official start of our year since they're getting older now. I put together a Welcome Back to School gift bag full of supplies we'd be using for the upcoming year with some goodies mixed in. Our girls are so enthused about learning that the goodies were hardly needed, just bonus.

One of the coolest things that came just in time for me to include as a wholly unexpected bonus amongst all this gifting was a new shower head. As boring as that sounds, believe me, it's SO not. Right when we were gearing up for our official start date, I was offered a free sample for the kids to test out and my reply was something along the lines of "Shyeah!!" 

Here's why:  

This thing actually flashes in the dark with lights that change color while you shower!!! And it was crazy-easy to put on, which I appreciate because when you have lesson plans and the rest of life staring you in the face, ain't nobody got time for dat! My only regret about it was that I wish they'd sent me two to sample, although my hubby might not have been on board with a disco happening in a grown-up shower, but maybe he needs to live a little;^). 

Naturally, my girls being nearly as cool as their mother, they were- and are- just as excited about it as I still am. These days, I'll get the usual complaints at shower time until they remember it's in there, and suddenly all switches to happily complaint silence. Then, because they're my kids and know where to seek the max fun in life, they shut off the lights and go for what has to be the awesomest shower experience evah!! Every single time. It's the little things, y'all!

Anyway, here's what was in those bags for each girl, and if you do this, keep in mind that each list should be individualized for the child receiving the goods*:

My Welcome Back List*
A set of 24 legit Watercolor Paints
Neon Sharpies
Regular Sharpies with the cool colors plus Metallics
Crayola Markers -one huge pack to share
A set of 3 canvas panels
A sketch diary for all those drawings they love to do
A mini-notebook for all those moments of inspiration on-the-go
3 Composition books with the cool new, non BW covers
3 jumbo glue sticks
A pack of mechanical pencils to share- in pretty colors, of course

*A budget tip: buy a few things at a time each time you go to the store and hide it away until gift time. Definitely have your list in mind in June/July when Back to School sales start up. It's okay to gift normal things like folders or erasers- just be sure there's bonus stuff in there, too, to round it all out.