Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To School...Like it or Not!

Last year we kicked up our extra-curriculars a notch and it really did a number on me. When it was all over, I revolted/recouped by choosing NOT to homeschool (or anything else for that matter) formally over the summer and instead we continued our field trips and took advantage of teachable moments as usual.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been starting to think about what I need to do to get back into the swing of things and get us ready for the year ahead insha'Allah. Duhn-duhn-duhhhh. That was supposed to be a scary, suspenseful sound, for those of you with little imagination, ha, ha!

I've never been a fan of any shopping frenzies, and Back-To-School shopping is definitely included in this mix. I do light, necessity-shopping to catch sales for items I already planned to buy, but that's it. I found this awesome blog post on just this, entitled 12 Reasons I Refuse to Go Back-To-School Shopping and I really enjoyed reading it. As if I need more courage to say "No".

art_class_supplies.jpgI purchased books toward the end of last year in preparation for this year so with the possible exception of a grammar workbook, I think I'm covered. 

I do have to prepare my All About Me booklet printouts so the girls can fill it out during our first week back, and I was thinking of also doing something like this Back-To-School Time Capsule Craft. At the very least, I think I'll be pulling out the hefty cardstock and color ink to run off a couple of Back To School Interview Printables to go into their AAM booklets (more about those in a separate post). For now, I return to the pep-talking sessions I've been holding for myself. Ah, the homeschooling life...


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