Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Greedy Parent

I'm a greedy, greedy parent. I've been a lot sad these days over the time passing and my kids growing up so quickly. I look back every day and night to see what I could've done better, how we could've spent MORE quality time together, and there's so much I want to do with them that I'm afraid they'll outgrow before we get to it.

 I'm with them all day every day, rearranging my days, nights, and commitments so that when they're awake, I'm all or mostly theirs. And I still want more time with them. And I know It will never be enough.

I wonder if they will figure out that when I stop and stare at them sometimes, I'm still seeing my sweet little roly-poly babies and marveling at how I had no idea then of what they'd become, how they'd grow, what brilliant and insightful ideas and words they'd one day speak. Being a mom is so bitter-sweet.