Thursday, August 23, 2012

Get Ready for the 2012 Cricket Crawl!

Image: Clip Art
Image: Clip Art
The 2012 Washington DC/Baltimore Cricket Crawl is tomorrow night, August 24th, starting at 8:15pm. In case you've never heard of it and are wondering why it should matter, it's an opportunity to help scientists determine and track the individual distribution of katydids and crickets as an important part of our collective environment and- something I'm sure we all take for granted- as an equally important part of the familiar and comforting nighttime ambiance. 

According to their website, there are very few insects that make noise and even rarer are ones that make noises that we can hear. Yes, Friends, the insect world, inside of the rest of the natural world, is pretty amazing and I fully intend to impart some of this wonder (ie, shameless science geekiness) to my children.

This seems like such a great science (family!) activity that is easy to do and would be a nice addition to your portfolio! Plus, you'll be helping out scientists while learning about and actively tuning in to your ecosystem. **Bonus: Spending quality time as a family.**
I plan to participate and make a fun night of it for the kids. I'd like to extend it into a daytime science lesson and journal topic (documenting any experiments we do, something interesting they've learned, and what they did/enjoyed most about the Crawl itself) for the girls, as well insha'Allah. Also, I plan to try one or two of these craft ideas.

File:Katydid tx.jpg
Cool Katydid
It might be a good idea to study up ahead of time on the Washington DC/Baltimore Cricket Crawl website so you know what to do when it's time.

Oh boy, just remembered the expensive-to-purchase and hard-to-find batteries in our copy of Eric Carle's The Very Quiet Cricket need to be replaced; the little cricket's been extra-quiet lately. *sigh*

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Her Own Words: My First Game & Orioles Ticket Giveaway

Since we are in the habit of cataloging our field trips using journal entries (more on that in another post), I wanted to share my oldest's journal entry following our amazing night out at an Orioles game. I was glad to spend the evening with the kids and even happier that they enjoyed themselves so much.

In her words: "My trip to Camden Yards was fun. I liked the soda and chicken. We played tag and hide and seek. I had lots of fun there. One day I would like to go again."

Here's your chance to make great memories with your child(ren). I'm hosting a giveaway for one (1) free membership to the Junior Orioles Dugout Club. Membership (for kids 14 and under) includes lots of free goodies, including tickets to select Dugout Club games. Even better, family and friends have the option to purchase additional tickets at a deeply discounted rate so it's easy to make it a family night. More details here.

For a single entry, leave a comment telling some of the things you do to create memories with your family. 

For additional entries:
(1) Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me you've done so. 
(2) Tweet the phrase "Enter to win a Junior Orioles Dugout Club membership and create memories they'll cherish #Camden20". Be sure and leave a comment with a link to the tweet!
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