Classes We Love

Arundel Mills Lego Store
Classes are limited to 8 children at a time, and run about $15/child. Kids get to build, learn and play. At the end of each class, they get to take something home from the store.

National Aquarium in Baltimore
Homeschool Days in September- 2 days in the month of September where parents and kids can attend interactive, hands-on classes with knowlegeable and kid-friendly staff. Sessions last about 3 hours each, with a lunch break in-between.
There are also hour-long classes from October-February that meet once a month and kids attend without parents.
Fees vary, depending on In-State status & the amount of classes you take.

Homeschooling Co-Op at Dar Al Taqwa
Meets weekly. Kids learn about a variety of subjects (Science, Math, Spanish, Folklore, Biology, Calligraphy, Sign Language, History, etc.) in an Islamic setting, with Islamic tie-ins. Please email me at for more information and details.

There's more to come, so check back often for updates!