Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long Time, No Post

UPDATE: Okay so it's now newly August and I am finally able to start posting again. Despite my best intentions and efforts, what my ideal plan was and what really went down were two totally different things. I'm re-evaluating what I want to do about publishing those last few science lessons and loosening up my timeline on that. Insha'Allah I will still proceed with them, and I'll back-date them to keep the lessons all together and easy to find, but it will take some time before I can get them up. Re-formatting them for public consumption on a blog is a lot more work than you'd think!

As for the PBS event write-up, I am also working on that and hope to have it published within the next two weeks, most likely after Eid ul Fitr.


You might have noticed an absence of regular posts over the last several months if you follow the updates to my blog. I hope what I've already written has been enough to help information seekers and spreaders out there alike during my unexpected but wholly therapeutic hiatus.

The truth is, I suffered a major burnout around the time my posting dwindled and nothing beneficial was coming to mind that was worthy of sharing.

I took a step back from blogging for a bit to give myself a breather and to get some things in order. I have also been doing more homeschooling and kid-attention-giving than writing these days, which in a lot of ways is good, but striking a balance is always better, in my opinion. After all, anyone who knows me well knows that I am nothing without my writing.

Creative Penn

My candle has since been re-lit and I'm looking so forward to getting back into the swing of things. I am working now to publish the last three or four science-based lesson plans I mentioned in my last few posts. I hope to publish them over the next few weeks, maybe sooner, to make room for sharing all the new ideas buzzing around in my head and for my take on an upcoming PBS event to make it to the www via "Confessions".

Thanks for your comments, thanks for your support, thanks for your patience. I am excited to get these fingers back on the keys with some kind of regularity again and I hope you'll stick around for it!