Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Secret Weapons: Great books for Homeschooling

I've posted recently about this book, but I must, must share again! I found a book at the library and I immediately took it back because I was so in love with it for homeschooling that I ordered it from Amazon right away. I've shared it with other moms and they had the same excited, frantic reaction, Funny! I'm not really into any particular "curriculum"- at least not yet- and this book is great and full of great information. It lays out weekly lesson plans and gives a LOT of info and suggestions for other enrichment activities and crafts. I love how it interrelates subjects for reinforcement and de-compartmentalizes learning in the true spirit of homeschooling.

Anyway, it's called "Learn At Home" from American Education Publishing. I'm using Grade 1 for my 5 year-old but they have Pre-K on up. I've read that for Pre-K, it may not be worth the expense (about $20, give or take a few) since you can easily get workbooks that are great from the dollar store for this age.

Speaking of which, my other gem is Mead's Preschool Workbook ($5 at Wal-Mart, also sold at Target) that I use for both my advanced-for-her-age-2-year-old (I say that humbly and with total awe) and my 5 year-old. Since I really can only use a select few of the activities for my 5 year-old, I'm xeroxing the pages for her to use so that I can have the orginals for my 3 year-old when she's old enough. Mead overall has a great assortment of teaching resources and they're all very affordable.

*Pictures of Mead Products soon to follow*

If you think they might work for you, try them out and let me know what you think- please remember to come back and comment!

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