Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Okay That Leap Frog -Taught My Kids Phonics...Really It Is!

Once upon a time I really believed that I was a failure as a mom (one of many times) for having the audacity to buy my girls mostly educational toys and allowing them to learn things from them. Sounds crazy and totally backwards, doesn't it? Well, when I woke up from my SuperMom nightmare, I finally realized that as long as they're learning it, where they get it or how they get it is irrelevant AND as a home schooler, every single thing my kids know or learn does not have to come from me.

Common sense, probably, to the average adult, but I think as moms, homeschooling moms, we put a lot of pressure and unrealistic expectations on ourselves that doesn't need to be there. Well, I'm now at a healthier place and I can say THANK YOU LEAP FROG and keep up the good work!

So that you can cut yourself a break, too, and diversify your children's learning, I would like to share some discounts and coupon codes from LeapFrog, as they are always having great sales or promotions on their site. Look out for weekly deals from them on my blog in addition to this post!
LFFAMILY- Save 20% on your order, FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more, expires 11/23
SAVEONTAG- Save $5 on Tag Reading System, online or in the store (must print coupon for store purchase), expires 11/18

Now, to get the discussion rolling, what are some creative or unconventional methods you have used to teach your children? Home schoolers, I know you're full of them, so share, share, share!

***NOTE: I'm not receiving anything from them to pass on this info, I'm just really into saving while shopping and I've been happy with their products so far, so I wanted to pass the savings along.***

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