Monday, January 9, 2012

Eat at J̶O̶E̶'̶s̶ Yummy's

Grandma/Mom just gifted the girls a small wooden table and chairs that we chose to keep in the kitchen to contain their food mess and keep their homeschooling area clean *major sigh of relief*. This apparently inspired them to bring back an old favorite role-playing game we used to play together from time to time in our old house. There was only one change, though- they gave our restaurant a name: Yummy's.

In the high chair: their escapee "pet" ball who needed to be restrained, as he kept rolling away and interrupting the meal. You know Yummy's has to have a high chair. After all, it's very kid-friendly.

For the past few days, the girls have been dining at Yummy's, a full-service in-house restaurant, owned, run and operated by Yours Truly. We have a lot more space in our new house and it's set up so that there's a "lobby" area away from the dining area where I greet them as hostess and seat them (and their doll-friends if they happen to be joining them for the meal) at said wooden table, where they sip on water while I take their drink orders, food orders and prepare their meals or snacks. I even check on them midway through their meal to be sure they're happy with what they're eating or if they need a refill. Just like a real restaurant.

An evening at Yummy's
Let me tell you, it's been a great way to get them to eat or drink things they normally wouldn't eat or try.

I get all warm and fuzzy seeing them imitate what they've seen us do when we go out to eat. They eloquently place their orders with the best manners and wait patiently for their food to be prepared. They ask for what they need with confidence that I know will extend beyond our humble kitchen. When  ̶I̶'̶m̶  they're ready for it, I want to incorporate an actual bill for their food and money to pay for it so they can practice those math, counting, and money skills. 

What's better is that they'll also get practice in making choices,and I purposely omit the word "wise" for a reason. I trust that I have taught them well enough to make the best choices for their bodies when it comes to nutrition. Now is a great time for them to exercise what they know. (That's not say there'll be Cookie-fest on Thursday just because they order an entire package, either, but you see where I'm going.) It's important that they understand their choices and either stand by them or be comfortable making a different choice if they see the need. 

When money finally makes its appearance on the Yummy's scene, I'd like to provide healthy food cheaply and junk quite expensively (As much as I'd love to properly credit her, I got that idea from another blogger but can't remember who!) Again, there's no right or wrong choices, just learning & fiscal responsibility.

For now, though, I'll just enjoy the intangible gems they give me and I'll leave you with one that tickled me to the core. This is what I overheard them talking about in their little voices while waiting in the lobby area yesterday. The older said to the younger: "I love eating at Yummy's. We should eat here all the time.", to which the younger responded "Me too, it's really good." Now that is Yummy.


  1. That explains everything, I'm telling you it was so funny watching you guys play resturant, I had never really seen it in the new house and now it's so much more interesting and real for them and maybe even you!! Good work to both for being so creative!!

  2. What a creative way to get them to eat healthy, and learn about money and choices. Keep up the good work. I would love to eat at Yummy's soon. Grand mom/Mom.


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