Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Around the World Wednesdays: Italia

On our map this week: Italia (Yes, if you must know, I had a blast saying this. Like most things in Italian, it kinda just rolls off the tongue.)

***Sorry, I don't have a flag picture this week for some reason, but I'll be sure and post pics for upcoming countries.***

Many birds with one stone: Little chefs making a lasagna for dinner

Destination Detectives: Italy


About this post

I'm on some crazy quest this year to teach my girls about the world, not as I was taught, from blurbs in textbooks and brief, sometimes misleading TV images, but as close to how it really is as I can get. Enter: Google, Twitter, & the Blogosphere, where it's amazingly and completely possible to reach out to people on the other side of the world and get a real account of what life is really like. 

Each week, for each country we study, I research and dig up vivid pictures or videos for them to view online, as well as age-appropriate information on each country we study (ie, try not to bore the socks off them with *yawn* data) skimmed from books we've checked out at the library. I usually just grab books on 4-5 countries at a time so I don't have to keep going back too frequently.

I let them see each country on our globe, where it is in relation to other countries we've studied and where we live, what the people look like and what language(s) they speak. We of course, practice speaking a sampling for fun. We talk about terrain, wildlife, both plant and animal, and we cook and/or eat a popular dish from that country. 

Last, we make a 3"x5" layered construction paper flag for each country we study with their own name, the country's name and the date we crafted it written on the back. We discuss what values or beliefs are represented by the symbols or colors on each flag, and we're collecting these flags on a ring to make a flag booklet, to keep and review once we're done. This might sound like a lot, but trust me, really it's not. Most of what we learn follows the natural course of discussion when learning about a new place.


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