Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Book Rec- Dr. Soup, Can We Please Have Some More?!?!

I am an admitted book worm, constantly on the lookout for new ones, both for the kids and myself. There's no better love you can inspire in children than the desire to read, but again, I am thousand-percent biased. A book can take you anywhere and let you be anyone you want to be- how does it get any better than that?

This is one in a series of posts spotlighting books we picked up and absolutely loved! Most of these can be appreciated by just about any age, and I say this because I love them just as much as the kids do. I hope you do, too!

Title & Author: 
Another Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

What It's About:
A scientist and his family go on the run back through time after his wife, their mother, falls victim to the villain whose main purpose is to get his hands on their coveted time machine. The prequel is called A Whole Nother Story, by the way. They hope to undo the curse on their family by returning the White Gold Chalice in their possession to it's rightful owner somewhere around 1668 AD, then somehow travel forward through time in time to save their mother before something happens to her- AGAIN. Needless to say, their life an adventure!

My Thoughts:

The most recent chapter book we finished is called 'Another Whole Nother Story' by Dr. Cuthbert Soup and it is a gem. When we finished it, it left all of us wanting MORE, so much that immediately after, with the  kids tucked in bed, I scoured the internet to find any info at all on when the next book would be released, because there has to be a next book...right? Right??? 

I was disappointed to find nothing on it but I'll standby to hear more at a later date. Although we all got into it right away, I almost put this book down because it seemed too advanced for my girls. But it was really good, so after awhile, I just got used to stopping every few paragraphs to teach them something new or explain what the author meant when he mentioned certain things.

Also, after awhile, they needed a little less explanation as they began to figure things out. I did have to edit and change a few words as I was reading so that they sounded nicer to six- & three-year-old ears, and I had to edit out some of the lovey-dovey stuff because we're not quite there yet. We are reading through this book a second time because the girls asked me to start all over again once we were done. Not that I mind...

Dr. Soup's website can be found at and look out for him on Twitter @ @DrCuthbertSoup.

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