Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Book Rec- Anna Hisbiscus Series

I am an admitted book worm, constantly on the lookout for new ones, both for the kids and myself. There's no better love you can inspire in children than the desire to read, but again, I am thousand-percent biased. A book can take you anywhere and let you be anyone you want to be- how does it get any better than that??

This is one in a series of posts spotlighting books we picked up and absolutely loved! Most of these can be appreciated by just about any age, and I say this because I love them just as much as the kids do. I hope you do, too!

Title & Author: 
Have Fun Anna Hibiscus! by Atinuke (Part of a series)

What It's About:
A little girl from "Africa. Amazing Africa." goes to Canada to visit her Granny 
for the Holidays and this book catalogs her adventures as she learns to enjoy herself despite her sadness from missing her other family she left behind in Africa, and her apprehension about the new things she sees there- or rather, what she thinks she'll see.

My Thoughts:
Hands-down I love it! Oh yeah, and the kids did too. There were some references to Christmas in this one, which I used in part to broaden my girls' horizons (just because we don't celebrate it, doesn't mean they can't learn about what it is), but some things just had to be reworded for their consumption.

Still, it was so very refreshing to finally find a good, relateable book about someone from Africa, one that anyone can enjoy. Believe me when I say that it's such a rarity to find positive, enjoyable books that give African-American children something they can look up to and really relate to on a deeper level. We found a book series that lets us see some inspiring, non-stereotypical, not hanging-out-as-the-sidekick and definitely not placed in-the-background-as-an-afterthought characters that are actually lovable. Imagine that. 

We've happened upon a book/series about Africans that anyone of any race or background can and would want to enjoy. Not that they are not others out there, they just all haven't found me yet. But, I'm happy and relieved to say the Anna Hisbiscus series has us off to a great start.

Illustrator Lauren Tobia can be found here


  1. Thanks for the reccie. I'm always looking for good books for my sister that expand her horizons, and these sound like winners, even if she isn't African or African-American.

  2. No problem! I'm so glad you both can benefit. I've been posting sparingly lately since we've been so wrapped up in (still!) unpacking/settling in from our move and above all else, homeschooling, but I hope to resume a normal schedule soon enough. All that to say, please come back again soon to see what other reads we've finished. I've got a few posts lined up;^)

  3. Hey, new friend - loving your blog and even though I can't talk, I can still type.

    Totally agree with you on Anna H. - I just love the storytelling and sense of character in these books. They're deightful!!


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