Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Book Rec

I am an admitted book worm. If I could swim in books or sleep in them, I truly would. I am constantly on the lookout for new ones, both for the kids and myself. There's no better love you can inspire in children than the desire to read, but again, I am thousand-percent biased. This is one in a series of posts spotlighting books we picked up and absolutely loved! Most of these can be appreciated by just about any age, and I say this because I love them just as much as the kids do. I hope you do, too!
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Title & Author: 
Dear Fred by Susanna Rodell

What It's About:
Grace misses her older half-brother after a change in their family situation causes her to have to move away from Australia to the States. She writes him a letter telling him how much she misses him and all the things they used to do, both good and bad.

My Thoughts:
This one made me cry, cry, cry. I picked this one up when we touched on communication and all the different ways to do it and I expected it to just be a fun book about letter-writing. It has a very touching message and anyone who has a heart will be touched by the story. Reaching for my tissues, now, just the memory is making me misty! Enjoy!


  1. I just put it on hold for our next trip to the library isA. I'll let you know how we like it isA.

  2. Okay, great! I hope you like it insha'Allah.


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