Monday, February 28, 2011

Toady-Woady Times Two

Source: Google Images
We went to the pet store a couple of weeks ago in search of something new to add to our tank, something we could add to our fish family and came home with two African Dwarf Frogs. I highly recommend them, they easily overcome the blues when you buy them in pairs (or just more than one at a time) and they play together all the time. I am IN LOVE with these things!

Teaching the kids about how to take care of them and letting them pick them out in the first place has been a rewarding thing, let me tell ya.They are tickled pink that they have a living thing in their room (we decided to keep them there, separate from the fish because it's just easier to take care of everybody that way- their needs are a little different from the fishies').

We just pick a random time of day to sit quietly and observe them doing what they do, like swimming vigorously to the top only to float down gracefully slow like a parachuter, one on top of the other. They also sit on each other's backs when they get scared sometimes and that's endearing, too, like they're comforting one another, and NO, they're not mating.
Source: Google Images

One thing to get used to: they play "Freeze" quite often and it took a full week for my mini-heart attacks to subside, everyday five times a day saying "OMG are you dead? Please don't be dead!?!" only to tap the tank and get good, strong, healthy movement. I'm smitten with these guys and so are the girls. I pray we have many happy days ahead of us together! Here's to you Toady-Woady 2 and Toady-Woady 3 (another story for another day...)!

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