Monday, February 7, 2011

Math: Not/So Scary!

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Are you one of those people who are afraid of Math? Have you kinda always been? I sure have and still am a little at times, even though I've mastered it up to a pretty respectable point. If I'm being honest, the idea of teaching it to the littles, even while it's still easy (you know, the parts before they start mixing in the alphabet, i.e. Algebra and family) still gives me mini-anxiety.

In the same way I get all nervous around strange dogs because the phrase "They can smell fear" conveniently goes onto an auto-playback loop in my head the second I see one, my kids' little curious eyes trained on me for a math lesson makes me figuratively sweat. In fact, I even procrastinated on introducing official math lessons on addition and subtraction until midway through this first homeschooling year.

I just feel like they can sense my near-trepidation when I try to explain the subject and that they'll be more focused on that me acting all weird than the material. I just want them to form their own opinions and not pick up any slant from me, however unintentional.

Image Source: Flickr
Then, one day I had a firm talking with my self (yes, I know, but it's 1000% genetic and therefore beyond my control) and decided to just get over it and go for it. And, as if intuitively supporting me from afar, shortly thereafter, my wonderful fellow homeschooling moms passed along this link for

This lovely gem has all kinds of worksheets, free, printable Math worksheets- color or b/w, it's your choice. It covers kindergarten math all the way up to algebra, so no matter how old your child(ren) are, I hope you can use it, too. Just take a deep breath and go for it.

An Article on Choosing a Homeschooling Math Curriculum
A Website with Math Activities for Kids

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