Friday, January 14, 2011

Special Post: FREE Hand-washing Timer

NOTE: I usually don't post more than twice per week, but given the time-sensitive nature of this post (while supplies last), I wanted to get the word out.

We all know how important hand washing is in protecting against the spread of germs and illness. I found out about this free hand-washing timer (see image below) that attaches to your faucet from a friend today. I ordered 3 and I encourage you to also check it out to see if it may benefit your family.

Hand with washing timer
Image Source: APHA website
They have some printouts on their site to help you educate everyone in your household (especially the kids!) on the importance of hand-washing. The info on these tip sheets would be good to work into a lesson on hygiene, and you can take it even a step further by using this to teach/review basic bacteria and virus biology.

Enjoy your free product!


  1. I think that this would be great for my kids. They never really want to wash their hands, so this might be a way to make it fun. Thanks for posting about the hand washing timer. Great post.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. hand washing timer are so important. I really think more people should have these around. I know I never scrub for long enough, I think I'll have to get one asap.


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