Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ramo Games- Educational Galore!

I found something this morning!! *sing-songy voice* It's a website called Ramo Games and it has links to SOOOO many educational games, mostly FREE, for kids of all ages. It even has kids' game recommendations for iPhone users.

Some of my favorites include:

The Berenstain Bears game, where kids can select pictures. What sets this apart from other games I've found like this is that when you click on the word selection to fill it in, the word is read aloud to your child so they can make the immediate connection between the picture and its spelling. The drawback: It doesn't read the completed story aloud, which would be a plus for young readers. They can' however re-read the story ad nauseum and email or print it out.
Bernstain Bears Story TimeBerenstain Bears Story Time
Celebrate storytime with the Berenstain Bears in the educational game from PBS. Who is ...

The Asia Geoquest game is great for learning and testing your child's knowledge of geography.

Asia GeoQuest
Can you locate the countries in Asia on the map? Put your geography skills to ...

The Money Flashcards game is great for learning and re-enforcing counting, adding, and the value of coins.

Money Flash CardsMoney Flash Cards
Can you count the right amount of money? Challenge your ...

Check these out with your child/ren when you have a little time and try mixing in online or computer games with your lessons to keep things fun and interesting. Happy learning!

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