Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Value in Reading Aloud to Your Kids

Reading aloud. We do it often. We do it for fun. We even use the funny voices that give the characters life (WIP!). I remember loving it as a teen when my older cousin would read to me before bed when we had our sleepovers and thinking how I was fine not to be too old for that. Of course, she'd read to me from adult/YA novels, totally age-appropriate;-)

And in the last three years of discovering the beauty in audiobooks, I've listened to and "read" many, many, many books while in the car or cleaning around the house that I might not ordinarily have had time to sit and read. The kids love them too- to give us all a break from time to time, the kids and I will listen to an audiobook at bedtime instead. 

Since leading a troop of Girl Scout Brownies, I've tried to incorporate at least one-two books at each meeting for some relaxing downtime. It's amazing how they love it, no matter their age, no matter the book. 

Here's a great short post from Among Lovely Things on the value of reading aloud to kids, and check out the podcast info here as well. 

Another Reading aloud post I found and love!

Happy Reading!

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