Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Book Rec: Princess Peepers

I am a book addict. It's just that simple. I will steal minutes to read "just one more line" and hide out in strange places (like my closet) to get it in before the kids discover I'm missing. The good thing is, I've got them hooked, too, and believe me, there's no greater feeling than suddenly noticing they're suspiciously quiet, only to happen upon them innocently absorbed in a book on the floor (and your favorite Sharpie is still where you left it).

Here's what we're reading this week:

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Princess Peepers has glasses. Glasses for dancing, glasses for playing, glasses for everything! Only thing is, the other princesses don't share her sense of style and begin to tease her in a way that makes her want to ditch her specs in favor of her own two little (albeit fuzzy!) eyes. She ventures out around the castle without the clarity of her beloved eyewear and ends up in some very comical and unexpected situations, all the while asserting that she's just fine without them.

I absolutely loved this book for the tons of giggles the girls and I had over it. It felt so good to laugh this hard with them and just be silly. I loved the message it sent about the trouble you can run into by trying to please others too much, while still acknowledging how hard it is to be "different". Princess Peepers works out her own dilemma in the end by gaining the courage to stay true to herself- something which brings the naysayers right on over to her side.

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  1. Now that D has glasses, E wants them so badly! Around here glasses don't inspire teasing... they inspire envy! We'll have to check out this one!


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