Monday, September 5, 2011

We're School!

Happy Back to School Everyone! Well, in reality the start of our school year has been pushed back due to observance of Ramadan & Eid ul Fitr, The Move, and general craziness in our lives, BUT taking the time to plan ahead and get organized for Year 2 has helped my sanity tremendously.

I found these great organizers at WalMart (if you must know).
Too much pink? Never!

These are our paper trays...exciting, I know. Plain paper for drawing is in the top tray.
Once we locate the box it was packed in, construction paper will go in the bottom for neat, easy access.

This past week, I've been lesson-planning and getting our new homeschooling area organized and neat. One new organizational thing I've decided this year to employ is using magazine files for each set of books: 1 for each child for books they use daily, 1 for foreign language books, 1 for relevant library books we're using for unit study, and 1 for books I use every day with the kids (ie, What Your 1st Grader Needs To Know and others).

One thing we're bringing back from last year is in the picture below hiding behind the pencil/scissor/marker holder. It's an open letter tray (not the stackable kind) so that once they're done with their masterpieces, they go in there and not all over the table or floor.

This is our shelf, look how neat- yay!
OK, so our new magazine file is lonely...but not for long. 

I also came up with a few topics I'd particularly like to cover this year in addition to the norm, such as all about foreign countries- probably a new one every 2 weeks, weather (thank you Irene and 5.8 earthquake for your inspiration), and our goal is to learn five new Surahs from the Qur'an this year. If we go over, great, but I think for kids so young, five will be manageable insha'Allah. Oh, and my three-almost-four-year-old is asking me to teach her to read, and we've already gotten started (I'll post on that next week) so I have much on my plate;^)

What you are doing or what have you done to prepare for the upcoming year? Feel free to share anything organizational (great supplies you've found), practical (taken a spa day, beach day or vacation time with the family to rest up), theoretical (brainstormed ideas you'd like to try or set goals for the upcoming year), or whatever's on your mind. All of it is part of the formula that makes your homeschool tick!

I hope your year is successful and full of many great adventures with the most important people in your life!

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