Monday, December 20, 2010

PlayAway View at Your Local Library

I was visiting our new favorite place, Storyville in Woodlawn, and as I was checking in at the desk, I noticed someone had left some kind of digital device behind and it was still playing a kid's video. I inquired about it, hoping the person hadn't yet left the library and the librarian informed me that it actually belonged to the library. 'Yeah, right', I said...No, really, it did. *sheepish grin*.

See, this is why I love the library, all kinds of free, good stuff if you just look!

What I saw was a demo of the new Playaway View digital video media player that the library now allows you to check out. It's so cool, and with no DVDs or CDs to fool around with, it's a mother's dream. A Playaway audio also exists for checking out audiobooks but I haven't yet seen it at any of our local libraries. Be on the lookout for it and the View at yours!

Official Playaway View website
All about Playaway View- Collier Libary Site

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